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FAQ’s Page (English)

We are a law firm dedicated to represent people who have been involved in A car accidents. We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to be involved in an accident. We seek to offer you a solution to your problems, as our name says "LAW OFFICES OF JOEL W BLACK"
Any person who has been involved in an accident without being at fault for it and presents some type of physical injury OR pain has the right to hire the service of a lawyer without paying absolutely anything. The lawyer's payment will come from what is recovered from the insurance company
It consists of helping our clients with their claim towards the insurance company from the beginning to the end. Dealing with both claims on damage to the vehicle and the claim for injuries, days not worked and compensation for pain and suffering.
With more than 25 years of experience, accidents are our specialty.
Call us at 602-222-3333, or if you prefer an in-person consultation, just visit us, at LAW OFFICES OF JOEL W BLACK you do not need an appointment, we are located at 4949 West Indian School rd, very close to 51st Avenue and Indian School rd. And remember in LAW OFFICES OF JOEL W BLACK opens its doors 7 days a week.
A person's legal status does not affect the insurance company's claim. Therefore, even without legal status in the country, everyone has the right to a lawyer.
It is always advisable to obtain a second opinion and in case of not being satisfied with the service, the client can change lawyers without having to make any payment.
In LAW OFFICES OF JOEL W BLACK we offer a complete service, car and doctor. We will help you with both claims for your injuries and and the damages to your car.