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Great service! Thank you.
“After a few months, after having finished my therapies for my severe back pain, I found a check that, in addition to my compensation, included extra money for the days I had not worked… Great service! Thank you.”

-Raquel Marais – Phoenix, AZ


Do not hesitate to call!
“The advice I can give you is that in the event of an accident, do not hesitate to call this law office!!”

–Thomas Valle – Flagstaff, AZ


They know what they’re doing…
“Still nervous about the accident, I called them and they gave me a consultation over the phone, they answered all my questions and I was much calmer. It is obvious that they know what they are doing and their more than 10 years of experience prove it.”

–Magdalena Ruiz – Phoenix AZ


The right choice
“I simply needed help, it was my first time in an accident and I didn’t know what to do, some friends recommended that I talk to the insurance and others told me to leave everything in the hands of a lawyer, simply because the insurance would not be on my side. side. I am glad I chose The Law Offices of Joel W. Black.”

–Luis Mejia – Phoenix AZ


They mean what they say!
“From the first moment they told me that I would not have to worry about paying absolutely anything, that they would fight with the insurance to cover all the expenses, not only the damage to my car and my lawyer but that they would also get me compensation for everything. What had happened and that’s how it happened.”

–Oscar Pereyra – Phoenix, AZ


They took care of everything
“They gave great service, I couldn’t go to the office because my car was totaled, so they came to my house & made me an appointment with the doctor. The insurance company called me asking the same questions that I had already answered, and when I needed to talk to them, they did not answer me. Luckily the lawyer took care of everything!”

–Xochitl Peña – Prescott AZ